Tall, athletic and scarred. Clothed in a cowl, tunic, and animal furs.


Decades Rendil (as he was known to his fellow Eldarin) spent training as an Eladrian Soldier. Honing his physical skills to their peak, but lagging behind in many characteristics Eladrin hold dear and important. His spear thrust surpassed his classmates and fellow trainees, yet he could not grasp many skills refined through study and books. Few could best him with an Eladrian Longsword, but even fewer would follow him into battle; he had not the skills to lead the hearts and wills of his fellow soldiers.

Taj realized he was at a crossroads: live the life of a soldier and be bound to obscurity and a mundane existence, or strike out on his own. Many years he pondered this decision, not being able to come to a decision he prayed to the gods for a sign.

On a particularly mundane task, to deliver a message the garrison of a small woodland town, Taj was beset upon by a band of spriggans. Knowing he was outmatched and outnumbered he fled into the deep wood, but not before being direly wounded. Taj fled until what he thought was his last breath, and collapsed under a giant oak tree.

His mind raced and dreamed of beautiful dryads drifting to and fro his prone body. Visions of nature’s purpose and the cycle of life came before him. He was born, lived, and died as countless creatures. When he awoke he found himself naked under a sprawling willow near a stream he recognized from childhood.

He took this as the sign he had been looking for, taking the name Taj he devoted his life to that of a ranger, embracing and protecting nature, and especially the forests of the world. He would ensure that the cycle of life not be broken even if death were required.

This did not sit will with his superiors and he was forced to leave his home of so many many years. Long he wandered the wilds, learned all he could of the natural world. Through many a wood and a cave he journeyed, till once again he heart cried out for greatness!


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