Duchy of Urnst

The Duchy of Urnst, properly known as the Duchy Palatine of Urnst is a political state of the Flanaess.


The majority (70%) of the population is human, intermingled with a large number of halflings (20%). Various dwarven and elven settlements exist scattered about the realm. Dragonborn and Tiefling can occasionally traveling through, with a few living in some of the larger cities.


It is an independent feudal monarchy ruled by His Most Lordly Grace Karll Lorinar, the Duke of Urnst, Warden of the Abbor-Alz. He lives and holds court in Leukish, the national capital.

Urnst’s coat of arms is Vert, a brown bear rampant proper.

Duchy of Urnst

The Highlands of Urnst ungood